Job Information for Ex-Convicts

Are you a committed felon? Do you want to find a job?

You may want to visit the following websites listed below.

We can not vouch for the accuracy of information and/or job validity on these websites. By clicking on the links and visiting the websites listed below you are acknowledging that Inmates With Talent (Doin’ Time Entertainment LLC) and those participating in ownership in this project, are not held responsible in anyway based on your experience with these job listing websites, or jobs you may or may not obtain from these websites, or any other websites listed on this website.

EX-CONFICT WEBSITES & RESOURCES – A resource site for presenting yourself to companies as an ex-convict. Also, search jobs within your area. – Tips and advice for your work

Doin’ Time Entertainment and its partners are not associated with and and cannot vouch for the accuracy of these websites and the claims they make, or the advice they give. So visit these websites at your own discretion.

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